Sunday, May 31, 2009


Vote for change.

When Barrack Obama stepped on to be the first black president of the United States of America, the world was celebrating because a new era of changes were coming. He promises change and he'll definitely deliver it. 6 billions of people are watching and waiting in anticipation. Are people really happy with change because I'm sure not. Don't kid ourselves as deep down change is something we dread and fear. We pray hard so that change will not barge into our lives without any notice. Change is a sneaky son of bitch that will tear you up with its bloody hands (claws?) and devour you when you scream for your Mommy.

Arghhhhhhh!!!!! Change!!! Arghhh......*Blood splat*

Change is a phenomenon that takes you out of your comfort zone. It disrupts your normal routine and substitutes it with something new which we usually unfamiliar with. When a comfort zone is messed up, people get edgy and angry. And you definitely don't want to mess with me when I'm mad. This is not something new because people are cautious when they are in a foreign place where everything is a big fat unknown. Remember, change is like a person who ambushes you from behind and screw your ass perpetually.

My comfort zone.

So after six months of my life which is after the last two pathetic posts, what have change? A lot, I mean a lot, like A LOT.

First change, Kui Cheng, my best friend moved out from our apartment to his cousin's home. I was pretty shocked but he has a perfect reason for it. Of course I'll will not disclose the reason because it's personal.

Next, my friendship with Albert went estranged because he was such an asshole. We went from not talking to frantically try to imagine yourself is invisible when we met in public. He too moved away which was for the best (for me).

Besides that, Yen San and her annoying roommate who I never bother to remember her name to begin with moved away too. Not surprising because I knew this day would come.

Then a bunch of new people move in. I rank them between unresponsive and Dota-wrangler. For all day long, they just stared at their computer and play Dota. At 12am, they are playing; I woke up, they're still playing. I suspect their brain is infected with Dota virus which turns them into zombies and must strived on the nutrients of first-blooding animated pixels.

Today, Kai Cheng moved away too. He packed his stuffs and waved himself goodbye. (Not really since he was long gone before I noticed.)

People come and go in my life. I try to force myself to comtemplate the reason but it came out none. Is friendship really that important because I just lost most of it. Six months ago, I was happy and everything was almost perfect; Six month later, I was hapless and all the things revloved around me change.

Change makes you evolve and move forward but it doesn't prepare you for the good or bad along the journey. I admit I'm a coward and I despise changes. Screw you, change!

Light Of A New Beginning

New life. New beginning.

I can't believe my blog just died out after 2 posts. It was ridiculous as well as shameful. Well, I have to blame my short attention span and my lack of interest when I just feel bored. Sigh.......

No worries though. It'll not happen again because at this instant, I'll put all my effort in this blog and pick up the pieces I left behind.

Anyone has superglue??

It's easy to fall but 10 times harder to stand on your feet again. This blog has died but was revived with new resilience and strengths. The best part, I'm BACK with full force.

Familiar with the big bang? It starts out with a bang and new life emerges.
Just like my fart. Only it kills

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