Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Visit From A Friend & Dangerous Ice Skating

Leng, my best friend from high school came to visit me last night. He travelled from Ipoh, Perak to my place, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur by bus. He supposed to reach my home at 4:00pm last night but unfortunately his bus broke down in the middle of the journey, not once but twice. It was so funny when he told me he stuck in the bus more than 8 hours. Crazy....... I felt kinda sorry for him, OK, only a little, the rest was too damn funny.

Starvation was the first thing in his mind when he reached our home. He reminded me of those hapless kids in Africa who had never enjoy a sumptuous meal before because he looked tired and hungry. Because of him, I had to drop the idea of cooking for myself and instead, we immediately went to the nearest restaurant to enjoy our meal. We had a pure Hainanese style of dinner (A whole "kampung" chicken, fish ball soups, bean sprouts with oyster sauce and etc). Yummy.

The owner of the restaurant is actually a big family. The presence of a grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and tons of kids working together happily as a team paints out a fuzzy and warmish picture. I like the grandmother especially because she is so nice and funny. She reminds me of my grandma who lives in Kuching. I miss her.

Today, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid to ice skate. This is my first time and I'm thrilled. There were a lot of people at the ice rink and some of them are seriously awesome. I met a girl who was maybe 6 or 7 years old and she skates like a professional. She is so cute too with her ballet dress.

After I put on my ice skating shoes, I could not even stand properly. I wobbled all the way the moment my feet touched the ice rink. I was having some troubles skating because I could not balance myself upright. A really helpful uncle from the site told me my shoes were not tied tight enough so he offered some aids to help me. I'm so grateful for his help.

Again, back to the ice rink. I managed to balance myself after struggling endlessly, holding the railing while skating. Albert is a beginner just like me but he skated so well. It's so unfair watching him skate graciously while I kept tumbling. He told me it's in his nature. Ya, right......

I fell down most of the time when I was skating. If I'm not mistaken, I fell 16 times (Yup, I kept count all this while). I fell on my bottom, side way, fell on my knees, elbow and sometimes a full body slam. Ouch. Of course I felt ridiculous and embarrassed when I tripped but sooner or later I got used to it because the pain was unbearable. I injured my knees, my right elbow, my left ankle and my right palm. I never realised ice skating can be so dangerous.

I sweated a lot during the workout. Surprisingly, ice skating is not that easy and relaxing as what it seems. It takes a lot energy and will power just to prevent yourself from falling down. People saw me fell all the time so some of them approached me to give me some pointers. So nice of them or maybe they just sympathised me =.=". After 2 hours of mindlessly skating, I finally got the hang of it, I think. However, the operator of the ice rink asked us to stop skating because it's cleaning time. Bummer, just when I got flow of triumph of beating this sport.

Anyhow, we decided it's time to go back since we're all exhausted and besides Leng got a plane to catch back to Kuching. With mixed feelings and bruises all over my body, we departed. I'll never forget this experience as it was fun and exciting indeed. I should try to skate again when I have the time.

I think my body will get the full payback tomorrow from all the falls. Wish me luck........

Sunday, September 21, 2008

~~Happy Day~~First Posting~~

Welcome to my humble blog. Firstly, I need to thank my friend, Kui Cheng for helping me to set up my blog. The Dark Knight layout is truly awesome and you sir certainly has a great taste. It's certainly kinda late at my age to start up a new blog but nevertheless, it's better late than never. I been hoping to set up my blog for a long time now but under some circumstances, I failed to do so. People might say it's just an excuse for laziness and I totally agree with them. Yup, I'm a sloth. A cute one.

Today, my friend and I have a "friendly" badminton match. It's been a ages since I played badminton and I definitely felt rusty. After an hour of grinding, I finally got the hang of the flow. I totally kicked his ass, almost. With all the panting and sweating, I think it's a good regimen workout. I never felt so alive. Too bad the guard had to stop us from playing when we're still in the trance. His excuse of "You might break the window" is irrational and sucks. How can a shuttlecock break a glass!? It makes no sense whatsoever. He utterly ruined our fun. Still, we're planning to battle with each other again when we have the time. Maybe tomorrow? The battle is definitely on.

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