Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back In Kuching

Well, guess what? I'm back in my tiny lifeless town. Usually I get very excited when the date of going back home is approaching but not this time. No. This time is my farewell to KL. My farewell to all those grand shopping malls. My goodbye to the easy accessible transportation services. My departure from those wonderful and delicious cuisines. I'm not saying Kuching doesn't offer anything less than KL but it is the fact KL life is is much better. We have Spring shopping mall and yet it lets me down completely. I love the environment in Spring but it doesn't come close to those in KL. Not even close. The only thing that keeps my passion burning for Kuching is its newest cinema. Yes, it is MBO and it is located in Spring too. No surprise there. I went to MBO a 2 days ago and I have to say I am impressed. I am stunned by the interior of the cinema. It is huge, really huge. For years, Kuching does not offer 3D viewing for its movies so we always stuck with 2D. I never truly experience the 3D effect before until I went to KL for studying. My first 3D movie was Journey to the Center of the Earth. Granted, it was not a good movie, mediocre at best ( I am being kind now ) but it was my first time getting a yo-yo swung towards my face from the screen. I was shocked, perplexed and never felt so happy.

My sister and I watched Avatar. I already watched it in KL but for my sister's sake, I decided to watch it again. I love the movie, the plot is predictable but kudos to the graphics and the marvelous work in CGI. Plus, I really like Sam Worthington.

Today, I went for an interview for a position in teaching in a tuition center. I have no idea whether I will be accepted or not but I hope for the best. Initially, I thought I was offered to teach students in primary school or maybe in the early stage in secondary school, yet I was taken aback when he said I would have to tutor high school Chemistry and Physics. I was in high school not too long ago. I am nervous. I am afraid I cannot handle the pressure. Well, I must say the situation does look interesting and challenging. Sometimes, a little challenge here and there can spice up your life in a boring town.

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